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Article: Adding the Crystal Facial to Your Clinic or Salon

Adding the Crystal Facial to Your Clinic or Salon

Adding the Crystal Facial to Your Clinic or Salon

This blog is a detailed guide for any beauty practitioners, acupuncturists or other aestheticians who would like to add a luxurious crystal facial to their menu of services.

Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Jade, Tourmaline, Clear Quartz or all three?

The crystal rollers and crystal gua sha are crafted in 5 different crystal types to suit different skin types. In your clinic or salon you have the option of providing your beauty clients with a range of different crystals or only offering one or two types.

The advantage of offering all 5 crystal types is the ability to customise the treatment to the individuals skin types. This provides your customers with a much more personalised treatment.

If you would like to offer this range you will need to examine your clients skin in some detail before performing the crystal facial. A basic guide to which crystal roller and gua sha is suited to each skin type is listed below.

Amethyst Crystal Facial: Normal Dry and sensitive skin
Rose Quartz Crystal Facial: Normal, sensitive, combination and acne prone skin
Jade Crystal Facial: Oily blemish and acne prone skin
Tourmaline Crystal Facial: Oily, normal or sensitive skin
Clear Quartz Crystal Facial: Suits all skin types. This is considered a master healer crystal

For a more detailed explanation please see the blog ‘Crystal Type Selection Chart’ or you can use our online selector 'Choose your Crystal by Skin Type'. This Selector also allows you to select your crystal type by Acupuncture Meridian or Chakra.

If you prefer to only use one type of crystal facial then it is best to select the crystal based on your personal preference and by what you believe will suit your clinic.

The most popular choices are still Jade and rose quartz. These make good options but dont overlook crystals such as amethyst which give a unique and beautiful tint to your salon.

Remember all White Lotus crystal products carry a lifetime guarantee so you will be working with them for a long time. Choose one you really love.

How do you do a Crystal Facial?

Step by Step Instructions on performing a crystal facial can be found for free on this blog ‘How to Perform the White Lotus Crystal Facial’ along with a video demonstrating the techniques.

If you ever need more help with this White Lotus also offer a detailed correspondence course called the ‘Jade Roller, Gua Sha and Cosmetic Cupping Course’.

This covers the whole treatments from a practitioners point of view. It is hosted by founder Anthony Kingston who has been performing these treatments for 15 years. Anthony was instrumental in popularising the techniques in the West. It contains lots of practical tips for making the most of the crystal beauty products and cupping in clinic.

Combining the Crystal Facial with other Treatments

Crystal Facials are a very relaxing non invasive treatment. For this reason they are ideal to combine with more aggressive beauty treatments such as micro needling or dermarolling, micro dermal abrasion or cosmetic acupuncture.

The advantages of combining a crystal facial with more invasive treatments are three fold.

  • Crystal facials can improve results: By increasing skin nutrition and micro circulation before treatments like micro needling, the crystal massage can enhance the healing process in collagen induction.
  • Crystal Facials relax the client: Many invasive beauty techniques are effective but are not often described as pleasant or enjoyable. Adding a crystal facial before these treatments creates a better more rounded experience for the customer.
  • Crystal Facials allow time to diagnose the skin: While performing the crystal facial you have ample time to examine the clients skin in a friendly way. This allows you to determine which areas require more attention when you perform micro needling or other treatments.

Remember all crystal massage products must be used on the skin before invasive treatments not afterwards.

It is sometimes written that crystals can be used on the skin after treatments that cause inflammation to ‘cool the skin’. This is not really correct.

Most invasive procedures including micro needling, acupuncture, micro blading and dermal abrasion break the surface of the skin. If used after one of these treatments the crystal products can no longer be used on other clients due to the risk of blood transference. If you do choose to use the crystal products after an invasive treatment then send the crystal products home with the client rather than reuse them in clinic.

Cleaning Your Crystal Beauty Products

For detailed instructions on cleaning your crystal beauty products please see the blog ‘Cleaning the Jade Roller

Key Points to Note

  • Use colloidal silver or isopropyl alcohol to clean products.
  • Do not use water and dishwashing liquid with the crystal rollers as the water will rust the metal brackets over time
  • Clean the products before and after use each time.
  • If using the isopropyl alcohol before treatments wait for the alcohol to evaporate before applying it to the clients skin.
  • If you have a UV sanitiser in clinic this is useful as a second line of disinfection.
  • Store the Crystal massagers in the silk boxes provided between treatments. Silk is naturally anti bacterial and will help protect the crystal products.

Is there Enough Demand for Crystal Facials in Clinic?

Please see the media page to see the range of magazines, newspapers and influencers currently talking about the White Lotus Crystal Facial.

Ongoing Support

In addition to the lifetime guarantee on its crystal beauty products White Lotus offers expert ongoing support to all its customers. Please feel free to get in contact if you ever have any questions or need advice on a specific case or situation.

Contact White Lotus


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