Also called "Facial acupuncture training" & "Facial rejuvenation acupuncture training"

About Modern Cosmetic Acupuncture Training

Cosmetic acupuncture at its simplest level is the insertion of fine Japanese style acupuncture needles into the superficial tissues of the face to reduce the visible signs of aging.

It was widely researched in China during the 1970s and became popular in the west form the 1990s. It has attracted many celebrity endorsements worldwide including Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow.

To some practitioners facial rejuvenation acupuncture training involves adopting a modern western approach. It is claimed that cosmetic acupuncture works by inducting collagen and that it can be performed separately of the original TCM diagnosis. This is a very medical approach to facial acupuncture and is flawed in its understanding.

Other forms of skin needling have been widely researched for their collagen induction potential. Derma rollers are a good example as they use 192 micro needles to penetrate the skin and create a whole new sheet of collagen. Rolling the 192 needles over an area of skin 15 times you create an average of 215 puncture wounds per square centimetre.

When a skin punch biopsy is performed we find that an average increase of 206% in collagen production. When using acupuncture we are unlikely to have more than one needle per square centimetre. This means that the quantity of collagen we can induct this way is tiny compared to modern beauty techniques. Of course the acupuncture needle is more targeted passing directly under a wrinkle, but there is still far less stimulation.

The second problem is that when needles of 1.5mm in length are studied the collagen induction only takes place to a depth of 0.6mm meaning that most of the time the acupuncture needle is operating below the depth to stimulate collagen production.

No cosmetic acupuncture does not principally work through collagen induction; this is only a small part of what it does. Cosmetic acupuncture in fact operates at a much deeper level. Understanding the science is necessary to better understand our treatments, but it is the traditional practices that will achieve fantastic cosmetic results.

The White Lotus Cosmetic Acupuncture Training

Cosmetic Acupuncture Trainer

The White Lotus facial acupuncture training is conducted by Anthony Kingston. Anthony originally studied acupuncture for five years in Australia before travelling to China, Malaysia and Singapore and studying the best of cosmetic skin needling techniques available.

He is a joint founder of White Lotus Cosmetic Acupuncture the first specialist skin needling clinic in the Southern hemisphere. He has a decade of clinical experience with cosmetic acupuncture and has demonstrated his innovative acupuncture techniques on National television and writes regularly for industry and general interest publications.

White Lotus Approach to Cosmetic Acupuncture

White Lotus takes a very traditional approach to cosmetic acupuncture training. In the traditional understanding every wrinkle and blemish on the face was seen as a reflection of disorders in the organs. A particular line such as the naso-labial lines may indicate a disorder of the gall bladder or the large intestine. Needling and improving the line you can improve the functioning of the internal organ. Similarly by treating the underlying organ you can treat the line or particular blemish on the face.

It is only by adopting an integrated whole body approach to cosmetic acupuncture that we can achieve excellent results. Threading, acupuncture points and facial sculpting techniques all need to be used, but only after we understand the pattern.

  1. Chinese facial diagnosis taught
  2. Specialist acupuncture techniques
  3. Full protocols to deal with most of the major facial issues taught
  4. Jade roller and Jade Gua sha taught
  5. Topical application of Chinese herbs (where applicable)
  6. Treatment schedules and clinical integration
  7. Comparison of Cosmetic acupuncture with cosmetic industry techniques (you must know your industry!)
  8. Clinic marketing

Who can attend?

Practitioners that have completed three years full time training in acupuncture or final year acupuncture students.
Key course information
Duration: two days on the weekend.
Cost: £395 save £50 when you book over a month early.
Private training for large groups is also available.

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