Based on the No 1 Amazon International Bestselling Book "Holistic Microneedling" by best selling Author and expert skin needling advisor to BABTAC- Anthony Kingston. This Course was created by Anthony Kingston- Clinical Director of White Lotus Anti Aging

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This online course is suitable for practitioners who are already qualified in some form of skin penetration and wish to learn a holistic and natural to apply skin needling in their clinics. It provides the ideal dermaroller Training.

The course covers

1. Correct Rolling technique

2. Treatment Protocols and complete demonstations of Facial Treatments, Scar Therapy, Stretch Marks and Cellulite, Hair Restoration.

3. Complementary Treatments including the Luxurious Jade Roller.

100% of UK course attendees rated the content as "Great!"

‘Having had both the training and treatment itself, I can say without hesitation that White Lotus is the superior form of skin needling offered currently.  The more common methods - with which I was treated and trained previously, and which focus on numbing the skin as well as bleeding it - don't really compare in terms of not only marketability but result.’  Adrienne, London

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As you probably know, Microneedling (or Collagen Induction Therapy) is a rapidly growing treatment that is gaining worldwide recognition for its ability to dramatically increase collagen production and transdermal absorbtion.

White Lotus has been practicing skin needling for over ten years. We are recognized as industry experts. Now we would like to take this expertise and show you how to bring Microneedling to your clinic.

White Lotus Skin Needling Trainings are dynamic and advanced seminars designed to empower you with the abilities to use this technology to enhance your clients’ lives.

White Lotus Dermaroller Training Features

1.    Specialist dermaroller techniques developed in the southern hemispheres first specialist skin needling clinic. Techniques that actually work and are marketable!

2.    Learn painless skin needling. 91% of the last 70 students who attended the White Lotus derma roller training agree that the treatments are not painful without the use of anaesthetic.*

3.    100% of attendees who had previously attended another derma roller training preferred the White Lotus training.*

4.    Learn natural techniques that provide a safer more enjoyable alternative to medical skin needling training without compromising results.

5.    Learn how to apply traditional beauty products such as the jade roller to add value to the derma roller treatments.

6.    Understand the science and how the products actually work, for your piece of mind and for your customers benefit.

7.    Learn about marketing skin needling in today’s difficult market.

8.    Learn how to create bespoke treatments rather than the one size fits all approach adopted by your competitors.

9.    Free on-going qualified support from a dedicated account manager.

10.   Free flyers and merchandise to support your clinics growth.

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