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Article: Whats Wrong with Cheap Jade Rollers?

Whats Wrong with Cheap Jade Rollers?

Whats Wrong with Cheap Jade Rollers?

What is the difference? Why pay more for a quality crystal roller? Lets go through the differences step by step:

Crystal Quality

The White Lotus Crystal Rollers are guaranteed genuine crystal. The crystal is never chemically treated or reformulated. It can carry the Grade A crystal classification. Retains the energetic properties of the original crystal.

The Cheap Generic Crystal Rollers are intensely chemically treated crystal that have to carry tags such as ‘reconstituted’ to avoid claims of false advertising. They retain none of the original properties of the crystal.

Jade Roller Construction

The White Lotus Crystal Rollers are created with solid brass brackets with rounded edges. These rounded edges eliminate the liability risk if the roller head is dislodged as they will not cut the skin like wire brackets will. They also allow the head to be removed for cleaning if required. The shape of the White Lotus Roller is unique in the market.

Cheap Generic Crystal Rollers use thin wire that is usually sharp if the head falls out and will damage and tear skin. The wire is generally weak and limits the lifespan of the roller. Nearly all these rollers are made in the same 3 factories in China. They are sometimes labelled with the name of the seller but it is very easy to see they are the same rollers sold on ebay for £5.

Jade Roller Packaging

The White Lotus Crystal Rollers are produced in a beautiful box lined with genuine silk. This silk lining is a traditional method of storing crystal which is believed to protect the energetic properties of the crystal. The box is FSC cardboard and uses environmentally friendly EVA foam to hold the roller in place ensuring safe delivery. The silk lined box makes great gift presentation.

Cheap Generic Crystal Rollers are usually wrapped in simple cardboard creating poor presentation as gifts and allowing higher breakages during transportation.

Crystal Roller Guarantee

The White Lotus Crystal Rollers offers a lifetime guarantee. This guarantee is unique in the marketplace and reflects the philosophy of White Lotus. Genuine crystals involve mining and transportation which create an environmental cost. Making these product throw away is an insult to a limited resource in an age of growing environmental concern.

Cheap Generic Crystal Rollers offer no guarantees. Weak construction generally guarantees a short lifespan.


White Lotus is a company formed by two acupuncturists who studied these tools in China and were later instrumental to their popularisation in the West. White Lotus regularly releases learning resources both paid and free to support correct rolling technique and help customers to achieve better results. White Lotus has also created unique online diagnostic tools to allow customers to pick the right crystal for them based on acupuncture meridian, skin type or meridian.

The cheapest rollers are from Chinese producers with no local support. More recently other beauty brands are adding private label crystal rollers to their range with little understanding of the product and no tailored customer support.

Choice of Crystal Types

White Lotus has a unique range of five crystals to reflect the 5 element theory of Chinese medicine. The five crystal are amethyst, jade, Black tourmaline, rose quartz and clear quartz. This widening of the range ensures there is a crystal to suit everyone's taste. You can also incorporate the Gua Sha and organic skincare to create your own unique crystal facial.

Most companies carry jade and more recently rose quartz. They are industry followers rather than creating the trends. They have little interest in personalising the roller to the unique customer.

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