Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool - Natural Chemical Free Crystal in a Signature Silk Lined Box

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Silk Lined Box for Gifting- Certified By Industry Experts

The Rose Quartz Gua Sha tool is not only a work of art but an amazing beauty ritual that takes less than five minutes to perform.

If you are not familiar with Gua sha therapy, it is an ancient Chinese beauty ritual that has been around for centuries. In China they preferred to use Jade as it was considered the most precious stone in China. The Rose Quartz Gua sha is slightly more tactile and feels extremly silky smooth to the touch. It has been used by the ancient greek and eygyptian civilisations in their beauty rituals. It is also considered the stone of Love.

It is not just a pretty stone, used correctly gua sha may Increase microcirculation in the skin by up to 400% (1).

This has been shown to last up to 25 minutes after the treatment! By performing this beautifully serene treatment in your clinic or home you can see the difference in the skin. It can also help with any pain in the area (1) 

It is fantastic at lifting the contours of your cheeks, tightening, toning, targeting wrinkles and puffiness.

White Lotus introduced gua sha therapy into mainstream beauty clinics over a decade ago and are pleased to see the popularity of this eastern beauty ritual growing globally.

The White Lotus Rose Quartz Gua Sha has many benefits:

Convenient – Cleaning the Gua Sha facial massager is extremely simple, while the tool is durable and non-porous. Instructions are provided so you can understand the Gua Sha therapy, while a Gua Sha DVD is available with the White Lotus Rose Quartz Roller and Gua Sha tools set.

Easy Storage – The Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool arrives in traditional silk lined boxes to so there are no possibilities of friction damage, and it can be stored safely after the treatment. Better Skin – The Gua Sha face massager aids in improving microcirculation and enhancing skin tone, while promoting lymphatic drainage and reducing signs of aging like puffiness and wrinkles.

Firmer Skin  Used correctly the Gua sha may assist in tightening skin and increasing elasticity. Furthermore, it may reduce pore size, improve dark circles under your eyes, and reduce toxins.

Reliable Product – This highly effective massage tool is designed by experts in Eastern anti-aging therapies, who have come up with the real Gua Sha Jade and Jade Gua Sha Set. Use it on a regular basis to reap its numerous spiritual benefits as well. It is guaranteed for a lifetime of regular use!


The Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool by White Lotus is a must-have for those wanting to restore the lost glow to their skin and improve overall health. You don’t have to depend on salons for beauty treatments, especially if they can be done from home – this massager is the perfect example of how you can enhance skin texture and tone within a short period of time.

Handmade: The rose quartz Gua Sha massager is painstakingly carved by hand and made with premium quality, grade A rose quartz crystals. It is 100% natural without any chemical treatments. Contains 30% more genuine crystal than other brands.

Ideal Gift :The rose quartz Gua Sha face massager arrives in a beautiful silk lined box that is printed with the White Lotus logo. It is just what you need to gift it to someone. So what are you waiting for? Place your order now!

Instructions for Use

For best results, begin on the right side of your face.

Stroke up the face while using the point of the Gua Sha starting from the chin upwards and outwards over your cheeks.

The movement should be in straight lines. Make sure the strokes upwards and outwards over the same area follow a zig-zag motion.

Have you noticed the “fish tail” end of the comb? Begin at the chin and stroke up the line of the jaw using the fish tail to cradle the jaw line.

The long curved side of the comb should be used to stroke across and outwards from the side of the nose below the eyes. Please ensure the motion is gentle. Use the same side to repeat the movements across the temples.

Go on to stroke from the centre of the forehead outwards with the long curved end. Continue doing so by moving up the forehead.

Repeat all the steps on the left side of the face.

If you are looking to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, you need to follow a systematic approach. The ideal way to target them is by stretching out the skin on both sides of the wrinkle and start massaging along in a zig-zag motion. Use the pointy end of the Gua Sha as it enhances circulation to the base of the wrinkle.

Finishing the massage entails placing the pointed end of the Gua Sha tool in the depression in front of your ear. Very carefully, stroke delicately up and around the ear and follow down the neck. This helps to clear out any toxins that might have piled up in the skin during the massage.

Nielsen A, et al. (2007). The effect of Gua Sha treatment on the microcirculation of surface tissue: a pilot study in healthy subjects. Explore (NY). Sep-Oct;3(5):456-66.

All White Lotus Crystal Gua Sha come with
  • The unique Lifetime Guarantee with normal use
  • Dedicated Professional Support
  • Silk Lined Box for nurturing the Gua Sha between treatments
  • 30+ years for Professional Expertise
  • 30% more genuine crystal than other brands

Always choose the crystal type you are most attracted to. White Lotus offers guidance as to the benefits of different types of crystal. This can help but a well made crystal beauty product will last you a lifetime so it is important to choose one that you will enjoy using for the rest of your life.

Dimensions of the Rose Quartz Gua Sha

11cm long 6.5 wide As this product is hand carved slight variations may occur
Silk Lined Box 
14.5cm 11.5cm 3.5cm

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