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Who are White Lotus?

White Lotus is the recognised industry expert in Traditional Eastern Cosmetic solutions.

For 15 years White Lotus has been the leading pioneer in introducing the concepts of cosmetic acupuncture, holistic microneedling, jade rollers, cosmetic cupping and gua sha to an international mainstream audience.

The founders Anthony and Kamila are both best selling authors and speakers in the field of Traditional Chinese Cosmetic Medicine.

With demonstrated clinical experience, professional training courses and a curated range of premium holistic beauty products and treatments, there is nowhere else on earth like White Lotus!

The White Lotus award-winning skincare range is crafted from BioActive ingredients and the finest ethically sourced, vegan and cruelty-free organic products.

In the time since its inception, White Lotus products have been stocked in high-end retailers from Harrods to Jemoli to Planet Organic. The products are multi award-winning and have received over 3,500 independently audited positive reviews.

Founded on the wisdom and expertise of practising acupuncturists, White Lotus brings through Millenium of knowledge, teaching and inspiration from the ancient beauty practices of the world.

White Lotus delivers:

  • Outstanding Products
  • International Industry Expertise
  • Professional Training in the White Lotus Signature Techniques
  • Proven Ethics, Diversity and Sustainable ethos
  • Thousands of Positive Independent Reviews
  • Extensive Celebrity Endorsements
About White Lotus Beauty

The White Lotus Philosophy

White Lotus is dedicated to promoting fantastic treatments that can be used on all skin types, have been proven to be safe over millennia and are authentically holistic.

The far east provides us with some of the most amazing and inspiring beauty and wellness treatments that the world has ever known. Our mission is to apply our unique backgrounds to deliver genuine and proven cosmetic wisdom to the western world.

When developing our new products we look for traditional medicine solutions that have been proven safe and effective for thousands of years. Only after a formula has been proven on people over the millennium do we continue to check that the formulation and ingredients can also be held to the highest scientific standards of safety and effectiveness.

If a potential product fails either of these tests for traditional and scientific effectiveness or for safety, then it is back to the drawing board. Having spent a combined 11 years in university studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and pharmacology, Anthony and Kamila are both uniquely positioned to carry out research of this type.

All White Lotus Products must meet 5 key criteria to ensure they are genuinely natural and beneficial.

  • A History of Safe Traditional Use
  • Vigorous Scientific Research
  • Whole Plant Extraction
  • Independent Certification
  • No Nasties
White Lotus Herbs

Social Responsibility and Giving Back

White lotus is an ethical and conscious beauty brand that only employs recyclable materials, minimal plastic (with the exclusion of tamper-evident packaging), FSC paper packaging, ethically sourced certified organic herbs and ingredients and chemical-free and ethically sourced crystal products.

Our multiple award-winning skincare products are Vegan, Organic, and Cruelty-Free. The silk products are all peace silk so are produced without harming the silkworm, who go on to have a normal life span.

The White Lotus offices are paper-free and are currently run on 75% renewable energy.

White Lotus supports Ecosia in its mission to reforest large sections of India Kenya and Brazil while providing alternative incomes to local women.

We use and recommend Ecosia’s internet browser which plants trees while you search and support the organisation through independent donations.

White Lotus is currently committed to removing over 2,500 kilograms of plastic from the sea and is working to become certified plastic positive for the first time in 2022.

Our customers are invited to share in our environmental philosophy and can carbon offset their purchases at checkout.

We believe in Ethnic Diversity and Inclusion and are led by our female Director who is of BAME origin.

Our products are safe to use on all skin types and ethnicities as are all White Lotus treatments.

All treatments not only benefit your appearance but they have been tested on humans for millennia. The therapies support and balance the body instead of damaging it.

You will never find an ingredient in a White Lotus product that is not edible, healthy and packed with powerful bioactive ingredients. Our formulations are based on traditional Chinese herbal formulas, with the ingredients having a plethora of adaptogenic benefits.

White Lotus is not a normal training institute or beauty brand, the genuine industry expertise allows you to provide your customers with the best experience in the industry.

White Lotus Environment

Welcome to White Lotus

Take a look around our website, meet our products, see how they work and don’t forget to tell us what you think.