Memory Foam Acupressure Mat- Winner Best in Europe 2018, 2019, 2020

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  White Lotus

Winner Best Acupressure Mat in the prestigious Vergleich products Awards Germany 2016, 2017 and 2018 and again in 2019, 2020 on Kaufberaterio and 2021 at the beauty shortlist- wellbeing awards.

These awards are well known in Germany and are similar to Which Magazine product reviews. Amongst other things the mats were judged on quality of materials, design of the plastic spikes and after sale customer service.

The premium quality acupressure mat, brought to you by renowned Anti Aging Acupuncturists- White Lotus

The concept to the acupressure mat originates in ancient China and India. It was developed and extensively researched in Russia during the 1970s.

The EUROMAT can be used to assist

• Low energy

• Poor Sleeping

• Stress

• Muscle tension aches and pain

• Back and neck troubles (1,2).

The Euro mat is the first acupressure mat to be completely designed and hand produced in Europe from European materials for European customers.

Who Are White Lotus?

“We do one simple thing, for 20 years we have distilled the ancient beauty secrets of the far east to create timeless modern rituals”

Founded by two Australian acupuncturists the White Lotus clinic has been featured repeatedly on national television for their innovative natural appraoch to health and beauty.

Their book 'Holistic Microneedling' went on to become an Internatiomal Bestseller and changed the way skin needling was performs around the world.

How is the White Lotus Mat Different to Cheap Imported Mats

  • Local: Made in the EU to EU standards
  • Larger: To accommodate larger European physiques.
  • Safer: Food grade plastic is used for the spikes rather than cheaper ABS plastic. All dye used are non-allergenic. There is also no potentially toxic glue used to attach the spikes to the cotton.
  • Comfortable: The Euromat is made using unique award winning memory foam to contour to your shape.
  • Practical: The unique Velcro straps allow the mat to be quickly applied to knees and limbs and create easier storage.
  • Ethical: All materials used in the acupressure mat are sourced in the EU to EU standards in labour and environmental policies.

The EUROMAT comes with full instructions and can be conveniently and safely cleaned with our unique anti-bacterial spray.

Try it today for instant relief!


1. Zilberter, T. & Roman, J. (1999). Reflexo-Therapy With Mechanical Skin Stimulation: Pilot Study, Community Wholistic Health Center, Carrboro, North Carolina, Presented at the International Symposium on Integrative Medicine, May 26-28, 1999, Omega Institute, NY.
2. Hohmann, C, et, al. (2012). The benefit of a mechanical needle stimulation pad in patients with chronic neck and lower back pain: two randomized controlled pilot studies. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2012. 753583

Larger 40cm by 65cm area.

6534 food grade plastic spikes unlike cheaper ABS plastic.

Non-Allergenic dye.

Plastic spikes are not attached using potentially toxic glue.

Velcro straps for use and storage.

High grade viscoelastic memory foam.

‘Confidence in textiles’ certificates for both the cotton and the memory foam used. Materials sourced and hand-made in the EU : 5060268260504

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