Our Ingredients Pledge

Made with Passion - “Anthony and Kamila have devoted their entire lives to natural medicine and natural cosmetics. We strongly believe this is the way forward and take true pride in both the contents and the effectiveness of every product we create”

All our cosmetic products are certified vegan and this is a passion of Kamila’s who has been vegetarian by choice since the age of 8.

Cruelty Free
All White Lotus cosmetic products are produced without animal testing. When producing natural botanical based products animal testing is never required.

White Lotus uses certified organic ingredients where ever possible. We believe it is critically important to be honest in this pursuit. Many products now contain images on them designed to look like certification symbols. The statement will read something like ‘Contains organic ingredients’. When you examine the ingredients list you will see a token amount of less than 1% organic aloe vera or something similar added as an after thought to the usual toxic cocktail.

To highlight this White Lotus has now begun listing the percentage of organic ingredients on each of its products. The ‘Activated Jade and Tourmaline Crystal Serum’ for example is made from 90% certified organic ingredients while the ‘Organic Green Tea Facial Oil’ contains 100% certified organic ingredients. The minimum for a lot of certification is only 70% but we feel if it is possible to use a higher percentage then we should.

Where no organic ingredients are used we ensure they are considered natural and are recognised by groups like the Soil Association as safe.

Minimal Ethanol
In the cosmetic industry it is normal to use ethanol to extract the active ingredients from herbs. Where ever possible White Lotus prefers oil extraction. This limits the use of ethanol. If you need to avoid ethanol in products for any reason please check the ingredients tab on the product descriptions. You will usually be happily surprised.