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Our Ingredients Pledge

Made with Passion - “Anthony and Kamila have devoted their entire lives to natural medicine and natural cosmetics. We strongly believe this is the way forward and take true pride in both the contents and the effectiveness of every product we create”

White Lotus Ingredients

White Lotus is dedicated to promoting fantastic treatments that can be used on all skin types, have been proven to be safe over millennia and are authentically holistic.

The far east provides us with some of the most amazing and inspiring beauty and wellness treatments that the world has ever known. Our mission is to apply our unique backgrounds to deliver genuine and proven cosmetic wisdom to the western world.

When developing our new products we look for traditional medicine solutions that have been proven safe and effective for thousands of years. Only after a formula has been proven on people over the millennium do we continue to check that the formulation and ingredients can also be held to the highest scientific standards of safety and effectiveness.

If a potential product fails either of these tests for traditional and scientific effectiveness or for safety, then it is back to the drawing board. Having spent a combined 11 years in university studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and pharmacology, Anthony and Kamila are both uniquely positioned to carry out research of this type.

All White Lotus Products must meet 5 key criteria to ensure they are genuinely natural and beneficial.

  1. A History of Safe Traditional Use
  2. Vigorous Scientific Research
  3. Whole Plant Extraction
  4. Independent Certification
  5. No Nasties

White Lotus partners with ethical importers and suppliers on the ground to ensure the herbs we use are sustainably and ethically sourced to guarantee a better future for everyone.

Please see our expeditions page to see some of Anthony and Kamila's many trips to Asia to source ingredients.

White Lotus Skincare
Sounds great but what can you check?

Vegan - All our cosmetic products are certified vegan and this is a passion of Kamila’s who has been vegetarian by choice since the age of 8.

Cruelty-Free - All White Lotus cosmetic products are certified cruelty free and are produced without animal testing. When producing natural botanical-based products animal testing is never required.

Organic - White Lotus uses certified organic ingredients where ever possible. We believe it is critically important, to be honest in this pursuit.

Many products now contain images on them designed to look like certification symbols. The statement will read something like ‘Contains organic ingredients’. When you examine the ingredients list you will see a token amount of less than 1% organic aloe vera or something similar added as an afterthought to the usual toxic cocktail.

To highlight this White Lotus has now begun listing the percentage of organic ingredients on each of its products. The ‘Activated Jade and Tourmaline Crystal Serum’ for example is made from 90% certified organic ingredients while the ‘Organic Green Tea Facial Oil’ contains 100% certified organic ingredients. The minimum for a lot of certification is only 70% but we feel if it is possible to use a higher percentage then we should.

Where non-organic ingredients have to be used we ensure they are considered natural and are recognised by groups like the Cosmos as safe.

What Ingredients Dont we Use?

Using natural and organic ingredients is great but many of us have to be just as careful what we avoid putting on our skin. We understand this need completely and have put together a full list of ingredients we avoid here

Ingredients We Avoid

Please also remember every ingredient used in each product is listed on the product listing and if you still have questions we are always here to answer them openly and honestly to enhance your skincare journey.

Struggling with Your Existing Cosmetic Product Ingredients?

We know the feeling. All those strange numbers and symbols. We have seen them on our competitors products so we know what they look like :) Below we have put together a quick guide on how to read a cosmetic label to make your choices as easy as possible.

Always remember if you are having any problem simply contact us. We are always here to help.

White Lotus how to read a cosmetic label