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Is It Possible to Sterilise a Dermaroller?

Is It Possible to Sterilise a Dermaroller?

What is a Dermaroller?

A dermaroller is a device that pierces the skin with many small surgical needles. This causes tony areas of damage in the skin, and so the skin will react to this by renewing damaged cells. It has been known to help with blemishes, acne scars, wrinkles, cellulite etc. You can use a dermaroller by yourself at home, or you can have it done by a professional.

As the needles of a dermaroller pierce the upper layers of the skin (though when correctly used should never cause you to bleed), there is always a risk of infection or contamination when it comes to the improper cleaning of a dermaroller. So, what's the best way to properly clean a dermaroller? How do you sterilise a dermaroller? Or more importantly, is it even possible to sterilise a dermaroller? Is it necessary?

What is Sterilisation?

Now strictly speaking, you cannot sertilise a dermaroller. It is impossible. The word sterilise has a very strict medical definition, this definition being 'the process of destroying all microorganisms and their pathogen products.' In other words, it means that the roller is as clean as though it had never been used on anyone's skin before, and therefore can be used safely on a new person's skin without running the risk of contamination or infection. This process is just not possible with a dermaroller.

The only way of actually sterilising medical equipment such as this, is by using an autoclaving machine. An autoclaving machine is a pressurized chamber in which objects are placed and are subjected to high pressure, saturated steam at around 121 degrees celsius, or 249 degrees fahrenheit. Autoclave machines are used in all kinds of industries including medicine, tattooing, dentistry, and veterinary science, to name but a few. They are the most widely used and efficient way of sterilising objects that have small crevices and gaps where bacteria can hide. Unfortunately because of the materials used to make dermarollers, this high pressure and heat would melt the roller and also damage the needles.

Laser Treatment Warning

Laser Treatment warning

Read this article in the Daily Mail warning about Laser treatments and the cost to the National Health Service in the UK created from botched treatments.  
About the Chinese Herbs in our Products

The Properties of the Chinese herbs in our products.

We are constantly being asked about how the Chinese herbs in our products work so I have decided to give a little background on Chinese herbs for beauty. The Chinese herbal medicine system is the largest and best recorded in the world. Records of using Chinese herbs for Anti Aging go back over 2000 years. The early Chinese had a very different understanding of the human body seeing it as an energetic system rather than a purely physical body based on modern anatomy. As such they ascribed to all the different herbs they used (now over 10,000) an energetic property. When describing the categories of Chinese herbs you will hear phrases such as dampness drying, fire draining, blood cooling and blood circulating.We use a variety of herbs from these categories in our products. For example Anti Aging Serum - This is principally made up of for the digestion and kidneys combined with some herbs to circulate blood. The reason for this is that kidneys and digestion are largely responsible for sagging skin and pale and lustreless complexion in Chinese medicine. By activating the acupuncture points on the face with these herbs you can produce rapid results. Some blood circulating herbs are always included to ensure good healthy circulation in the area allowing your body to naturally heal itself. Several of the herbs also 'drain dampness' this is very useful as these herbs help reduce puffiness and swelling in the face though this is not the main purpose of the serum. This balanced blend of herbs makes it the most useful general serum to be used for a wide variety of purposes from moisturizer, to dermal roller serum, to breast rejuvenation. Useful for - Anti Aging, sagging skin, pale skin, puffiness, moisturizing, mild UV protection, improving results with the dermal roller, breast rejuvenation. Scar Serum - This is principally made up of herbs from the categories of 'blood circulating' and 'blood cooling' categories. The herbs used to circulate blood in this serum are much stronger than the herbs in the Anti Aging serum and therefore it is much better at really flushing out the skin in the area and in this way helps with the dermal roller to rearrange tissue in the case of scars. The 'blood cooling' herbs are added to help reduce any inflammation or redness in the area, both of which are ascribed to 'blood heat' in Chinese medicine. By combining these 2 categories provides the best overall treatment for scars, stretch marks and cellulite. As the serum is also useful for reducing redness it can benefit redness of the face and acne. It is particularly good for acne as the green tea oil base also does not block the pores like most oils while allowing the herbs to penetrate deeply. Useful for - General scars, caesarean scars, cellulite, stretch marks, acne, rosacea, Hair Restoration Spray - The art of hair restoration is thousands of years old in China both for men and for women particularly after childbirth and as such has developed herbs which are known principally for this purpose. One such herb is called He Shou Wu which is famous across China for restoring both the colour and the thickness of hair. The other herbs in the spray are mainly from the 'kidney tonic' category as in Chinese medicine the kidneys control the hair on the head. There are also several 'blood tonics' as healthy blood nourishes healthy hair in Chinese medicine. Finally some of you may recognize one common herb in the formula labelled sheng jiang on the bottle this herb is common ginger used externally in Chinese medicine for centuries to warm areas for traumatic injury and arthritis and also to increase blood flow to reduce hair loss. Useful for - Male pattern baldness, female hair loss I hope you found this article interesting. Chinese herbal medicine is a massive subject and we plan to launch a far larger range in future to make the most of the wonderful resource we have been left in terms of knowledge and amazing results from the pioneers of the largest herbal medicine system in the world.
Derma Roller Design Review

Derma Roller Design Review

There are a wide variety of different designs of derma roller or skin rollers currently available on the market. This blog will not discuss the different brands involved but rather the different designs used. Whichever style you choose make sure that the needles are of high quality surgical stainless steel. Also if you are planning to use the derma roller to induct collagen make sure that you purchase at least a 0.5mm derma roller needle length as needle length shorter than this often called home use rollers are too short to penetrate through the epidermis to induct collagen. Principally there are 3 types of Derma roller design. This is open to interpretation as new designs are being created daily but it is easier to review them in this way 1. Tubular Derma rollers The first is the type that comes in tubes. They come in sealed sterile tubes. There is generally a tamper evident seal around the top of the tube. The roller is usually of a solid construction with a round handle. Advantages There is generally no problems with the tamper evident sterile packaging which is easier to check than other designs. Disadvantages These derma rollers are excellent for single use. The problems we have seen with this design is that when they are reused the outer row of needles tends to get damaged when the rollers are reinserted into the tube. As this row of needles bends inwards the derma roller becomes harder to use and can catch on the skin and become painful. Generally they have a short life span. 2. Moulded ergonomic handles By this I refer to the rounded handles which are described as moulding to your hand. They generally arrive in a flater case where the entire top can be taken off. These cases are usually transparent. Advantages The case generally protects the needles as they do not come in contact with any hard surfaces. This makes these rollers preferable to the tubular derma rollers for those planning to reuse the derma rollers. Some people say the moulded handle is comfortable to use. Disadvantages Many people complain that when doing areas like the scalp or parts of the face that cannot be seen that it is hard to know if the needles are being rolled perpendicular to the skin. This can mean that only the needles on the edge of the roller are actually in contact with the skin and this can limit its effectiveness. This disadvantage also applies to example 1 and any round handled derma roller. 3. Flat handles This refers to derma rollers which actually have flat plastic handles and usually arrive in transparent cases similar to those used for the moulded derma rollers mentioned in example 2. These have become increasingly popular in recent years and several major manufacturers are now converted to this design. Advantages These rollers have all the advantages of the moulded derma rollers mentioned in example 2. They are easy to reuse and they don’t tend to get damaged easily due to the case. These rollers have 2 other distinct advantages. By having a flat handle it is much easier to know when the rollers are perpendicular to the skin and therefore covering the maximum area when you are rolling. The flat handle also provides a small amount of give when you roll over a raised area like a prominent bone or raised mole. It is almost like a small amount of suspension and makes it easier to apply even pressure over the whole area being treated. We have found in clinic that this design tends to be less painful or traumatic to the skin to use for this reason. Disadvantages Some customers look at the thinner handle and assume that they must be structurally weaker. This is possibly true however to break them you still need to apply a great deal of pressure. If you apply this level of pressure to any design of derma roller you will already have damaged the delicate needles and the roller will be useless any way. This is why derma roller forums that boil derma rollers or perform other types of stress tests are pointless as in all cases they would have already damaged the needles rendering the derma roller useless. By far more important in these cases is a good quality case to protect the all important needles in between treatments. It is important at this point to point out a bias. White Lotus has experimented with all 3 types of rollers mentioned above both in clinic and for home use. We have found the flat handled rollers the easiest to use in both situations and now exclusively use and sell this derma roller.
Natural Anti Aging Techniques That work

Society has always been obsessed with our appearance.

Sure, some might care about the way you look more than others, but on a subconscious level we all judge each other, it is just a part of our nature as human beings.

Since it is much easier to get rid of wrinkles than to change our society, we found the best all-natural tricks, proven to get rid of wrinkles and make you look much younger!

Rubbing Oil – Yes, I know. It sounds a bit weird, but if you are the type of person that always finds themselves with dry skin, this could really be the solution for you. I am not telling you to go and drizzle some motor oil over your face. I am speaking of natural oils, many of which contain linoleic acid. Linoleic acid helps the skin retain more water, which in turn ensures that your hydrated skin stays that way longer.

You should start with 10 ml of fresh olive oil or green tea oil (if you have acne prone skin); you could also mix it with a few drops of carrot seed oil (for improved elasticity) or lavender (for calming irritated skin).

Make sure to massage the oils into your skin for a minute, then just wash your face with some warm water.

Munching On Super Foods– No, they do not wear capes, nor do they fight off villains, but they do have superpowers! Super Foods are packed densely with a bunch of healthy nutrients and unlike many other healthy foods, THEY ARE ACTUALLY TASTY!  Plenty of Super Foods exist, each with their own benefits. Generally speaking, you can never go wrong with eating a Super Food! However when it comes to their anti-aging properties, not all are equal.

Some of the best Super Foods for keeping those wrinkles off your face are:

  • Blueberries: Not only a tasty treat, but also very healthy! Blueberries contain a great combination of antioxidants and collagen, capable of protecting vitamin C. This Super Food pretty much just cleans your body from all of the junk food you’ve been munching on, and then adds some protection to top it off!
  • Almonds Almonds are well known for their massive amount of nutrients. They contain crazy amounts of fiber, protein, unsaturated fat, vitamin E, magnesium, manganese, copper, vitamin B2 and phosphorus. If all of those nutrients weren’t enough to make you want to buy a pack right away, there is even more! Almonds are very high in antioxidants, and can even protect your cell membranes. They have been linked to numerous health benefits, including better blood pressure levels and a lower chance of getting type 2 diabetes. There is even more! Almonds can lower cholesterol levels greatly, and reduce belly fat too. They are also able to offset the UV damage that the sun has inflicted on your skin.
  • Many, Many Others

Lower Your Sun Exposure – You are probably already aware that UV rays from the sun can damage your skin, and make you age horribly, but do you know just how mean the sun can be to your skin? The number one skin-ager is sun exposure, the more you have of it, the faster your skin will age. UV rays go beyond wrinkles. They will also discolor your skin, give it a rough texture and possibly contribute greatly to you getting some form of skin cancer.

The obvious solution here would be to stay out of the sun, right? Well, sure. But that isn’t something that all of us can afford. For those of you that can’t lower the amount of time spent under the sun, sunscreen is a real lifesaver.

Sunscreen does work; just make sure to get one with a protection factor of at least 30 and try to spread it all around.

If possible try to plan things ahead. Avoid being out in the sun when the UV rays are most potent (between 10 AM and 4 PM).

Walk in the shady parts of the street whenever possible, small things like that can really decrease the UV exposure you are getting in the long run.

These are some of the best things you could do for your skin.

Remember that no matter how long you delay it we will all look old one day. It’s nothing more than just a normal part of our life cycle and we shouldn’t be ashamed from it.

Does Skin Needling Work? Why is it better than a collagen mask?

Does Skin Needling work?

Why is it better than a collagen mask?

  • How do you get the best results from skin needling?
  • How often should you use the dermaroller?
  • Why use a 0.5mm?
  • Why not just use a collagen mask or get a collagen injection?
Many people are curious to know what all the fuss is about skin needling and does it work? Skin needling has been around for thousands of years and originates from china. It has been practised continuosly for 2000 years plus. In the last fifty years there has been research conducted into needling the skin which have found some remarkable traits already known to acupuncturists. Skin needling inducts collagen by up to 1000% after a single use. Skin needling also increases transdermal absorption up to 10000 times of topical lotions How do you get the most benefit out of skin needling?What does this mean? You need to use a 0.5mm derma roller or above. Any size smaller than o.5mm doesn't induct collagen. There is no other therapy that makes your own skin make collagen. By your mid thirties you will have lost about 50% of your skin collagen. Up until this was known people were using collagen injections, or smearing themselves with collagen creams and collagen masks. The problem is is that the results are temporary as soon as the collagen has been eliminated from the body in the case of injections you had to go back and get more. Side effects were also common and many people also were opposed to using collagen from bovine sources (cows). If you do buy a derma roller make sure that you use skin needling regularly or attend a clinic. If you are already experiencing signs of aging, you will have to build up a certain amount of collagen in the skin before you start to really see the anti aging benefits. The great thing is that by the time you have, your skin will look better than before and you will prevent more signs of aging appearing. Think of a wrinkle as a lack of collagen- you can see how much you need to physically build up to be of benefit. If you have good skin or want to prevent as much collagen loss as possible simply just use it regularly and do a 3 month intensive every year to make sure you have a good amount of collagen. Some of our customers have used the derma roller regularly for over a year with continuous improvement during this time. You can also attend a clinic that has trained in the white lotus techniques to get the very best advice and treatments. If you do skin needling ocassionally you cannot expect to get the true benefits of skin needling, due to the fact that you need to use it repeatedly to see the results. 
Read about Cosmetic Acupuncture in The Journal Of Chinese Medicine

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Anthony Kingston of White Lotus Anti Aging has written an article about Cosmetic Acupuncture that is currently in the latest edition of The Journal Of Chinese Medicine. "Journal Of Chinese Medicine", Number 96, June 2011, 'True Cosmetic Acupuncture still has it's roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine', pp 46-51 This article details the current problems with Cosmetic Acupuncture and identifies how to fix it by returning the origins and training back to Traditional Chinese Medicine to get great results. 
Use Organic Health and Beauty Products

Want to employ a healthy beauty regimen to meet all your skin and hair care needs then start with natural, organic products.

Organic VS Chemically Designed Products

Organic beauty products is exactly what the name says it to be, it is natural and contains no ingredients that may have adverse effects.

These natural ingredients are very good for the good health of your hair and skin and contain natural vitamins and essentials.

So what makes chemically enhanced beauty products such a bad idea?

Chemicals that are not natural my include the likes of alcohol, , parabens, glycol and several other that we can’t even really pronounce let alone understand what they do. The ingredients that may be contained in certain beauty products may be that way in order to bring about faster results preserve or create a fast temporary effect. However, these ingredients may be harsh on the skin or result in allergic reactions. These are some of the ingredients that spark doubt in cosmetics and beauty products:


These are usually used as a preservative and to prevent bacteria from developing, it is incorporated in certain foods and especially in beauty products. Parabens have been around for many years, even as early as the 50’s and were deemed safe for a very long time. Research show that only as late as the 90’s, have studies shown adverse side effects stemming from Parabens, however there is also no concrete evidence that makes Parabens the culprit of certain cancer cells.

DBP (Dybutyl Phthalate)

The ingredient is soluble in alcohol such as benzene or ethanol. It is often used in nail polishes because of its durability, as well as an ingredient in certain hair products. It has been banned within Europe and some other countries. Some tests have shown it to interfere with hormone reproduction.


PEG’s or Ethylene Glycol Polymeres are present in many products especially moisturizers as it is known to moisturizes, increase absorbency as well as keep the actual product stable. It can be made up of several quantities of substances and can cause irritation. Fragrance This is one of the most brow raising of them all. Fragrance is used in a wide range of skin and hair care products. This ingredient by law is not necessary to disclose as this may include the company or manufacture’s trade secrets. Fragrance may conceal an ingredient that may be harmful when used over a long period.

What’s The Best Options For A Natural Regimen?

Products that are more oil based would have no need for preservatives as would water based products and thus a better option if you wanted to steer clear from the ingredients such as parabens and other possibly dodgy ingredients. Certain products contain an ingredient that is called “fragrances” and in that alone may refer to various, however, not compulsorily to reveal it entirely.


If you feel that all these ingredients are too confusing and just want to play it safe, then stick to organic or natural beauty products, but always bear the expiry date in mind.

Dermaroller Scams


We will be describing about dermaroller scams so before describing these scams we should know, what derm roller really is?

A Dermaroller is a type of skin needling, which is used to arouse your skin's own ordinary collagen creation by 1000% of its typical production and allows for skin care products to be delivered into the skin 200 times more effectively.

Now a days scams have become really common, people are being scammed not only by small companies but also by some of the renowned companies as well. So today we will be discussing about dermaroller scams.

I am highlighting some of the major scams of derma roller within the market.

  1. Dermaroller can’t work without Vitamin A:

Many companies uses Vitamin A and some other products during the needling of the skin. Well according to Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) using Micro Needles; 1st edition February 2006. 2nd revision January 2007, this is not true. Some of the best known also tried it without using any product.

As I described above needling can stimulate the production of collagen without using any product that can have side effects and can harm your skin.

  1. All type of products can be used:

When it comes to say that all types of products can be used when needling your skin, so there comes a thing in your mind that there would be any kind of harmful effect when using different products. So yes it’s a scam. When you use dermaroller the absorption of skin is increased to almost 10,000 times. So some companies use their beauty products during derma roller. This can be sometimes really harmful because the absorption of the product is increased and it can led to skin cancer.

  1. The confusion between 0.3 or shorter micro needles and 1.5mm or longer micro needles:

There always been a confusion, some companies say 0.3mm or shorter micro needles are just perfect for derma roller and some say that 1.5mm or longer micro needles to use for your skin. According to studies that shortest micro needles that can produce collagen should be at least0.5mm long and these micro needles are also the most effective. Let me explain you why? If a dermaroller is to produce collagen it must pass through the layers of the skin called the epidermis to the deeper layers called the dermis. As the epidermis is approximately 0.1-0.15mm thick so it is assumed that the 0.3mm micro needle would be enough but this is not how it works, our skin is uneven so the 0.3mm needles can’t be penetrated to its full length and the result is the collagen is not produced and all the time and money spend on dermaroller go in vain.

At the end I just want to tell you all that the most important thing is your own health, you just have to keep track of the things you are dealing with, sometimes its better to talk to professional or do a bit of research on your own.

Don't make the mistake of buying the cheapest dermaroller around. They are often not sterilised and are hand assembled. A tell tale sign is that they are not in tamper evident packaging. They also have very poor needles that are placed so close together they cannot penetrate the dermis- they simply just scratch. Or the needles are so poor, they are not sharp again cannot penetrate the skin and just catch like a fishing rod on the skin. This is not going to give you the results you want. 

Green Tea reduces Facial Wrinkles- Botox alternative

Green Tea Reduces Facial Wrinkles- Botox Alternative

An Article in Science daily reported the amazing properties of green tea on the skin when used with LEDS:
ScienceDaily (Sep. 9, 2009) — Scientists in Germany are reporting a major improvement in their potential new treatment for facial wrinkles that could emerge as an alternative to Botox and cosmetic surgery. The non-invasive technique combines high-intensity light from light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and a lotion made of green tea extract. It works ten times faster than a similar anti-wrinkle treatment that uses LEDs alone, the researchers say. Interestingly LEDS alone are said to produce reactive oxygen that damage cells which makes the treatment alone damaging to the skin.White Lotus only advocates natural non damaging treatments so does not recommend the use of LED's rather the use of Derma Rollers with the Anti Aging Serum which contains organic green tea oil and potent antioxidant herbs. Green tea is a potent natural antioxidant which prevents damage to the skin cells and rejuvenates cells. Sadly most creams containing green tea extracts normally list the extract as one of the last ingredients on the label meaning it makes up about 0.01% of the ingredients, and many of the other ingredients in beauty creams are toxic products like parabens, sodium laurel sulphates and synthetic vitamins like retinol which can cause skin cancer. The white Lotus Anti Aging serum, Scar Serum, Stretch Mark & Cellulite Serum's number one ingredient is organic green tea oil, meaning that you are purchasing the genuine natural thing instead of a product who's majority ingredient is actually water (aqua on the label). If you want to buy a product that treats wrinkles check out the Anti Aging serum specifically designed to treat wrinkles and to be used with the derma roller or as a stand alone moisturiser. Serums are better than creams because they do actually penetrate the barriers of the skin, unlike creams that sit on the surface. Coupled with the fact that the White Lotus Serum is vegan approved, contains no preservatives, additives or anything you cannot pronounce or is dangerous to use, it leads other anti aging products looking very toxic and diluted! The only other ingredients in the serum are 5 very famous Chinese Herbs that are known for their amazing Adaptogenic and antioxidant properties. These herbs have long been used for Anti Aging purposes safely on people for thousands of years and are an ancient far east beauty secret. The Chinese have been using Green Tea oil on their skin for thousands of years because of its amazing anti aging properties, it really does firm and tone the skin as well as treat wrinkles. It is great used in combination to skin needling and acupuncture. 
Best Ways to fight Aging

Aging is something that people are desperately fighting against today. People do not want to get older and they will try anything that they can in order to keep the wrinkles away to look younger longer. There is a reason that the plastic surgery industry is making a fortune. People are actually willing to spend whatever it takes to make sure that they do not age and this can be reflected in the millions that people spend every year on products. The problem is not everything works for everyone. There are secrets that you can use that can help you stay younger longer.

First of all, it is important to protect yourself from the sun. The sun can be your worst enemy when it comes to aging. This can be difficult because a lot of people want to get that bronze glow to make them feel beautiful but they do not want to have the dark skin that goes along with it. Whenever you leave the house, make sure that your face has something on it that can help protect from the sun. A lot of foundations or BB creams offer SPF protection in the same step as just putting the cream on your face without actually using sunscreen. You should also consider a hat when in the sun as well.

You should also look for an anti-aging product that works for you. One great anti-aging system is the White Lotus system offers products with ingredients like green tea, which is excellent for the skin. A good product will work over time and help not only reduce the sight of wrinkles but can also help to make your skin feel softer.

You should also not underestimate the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. By drinking plenty of water, you are going to drastically improve your skin. Water is essential to making your skin healthier. You should also avoid excessive drinking and smoking, both of which can cause you to have more wrinkles. Exercise is also very important to keeping healthy skin because it will make you healthier overall, which will be reflected in your skin. Finally, you need to eat healthy foods. There have actually been some studies that have shown that certain foods can help fight aging. Fruits and vegetables that are colorful are full of antioxidants, which are essential for helping your skin. This helps your body fight the damage that causes wrinkles. This means drinking green tea and eating things like leafy greens and blueberries. Vitamin C intake has also been linked to helping a person fight off premature aging.

As you can see, it can be easy to prevent wrinkles from happening prematurely. When you do have wrinkles, you need to make some changes in the products that you use and you need to start watching your diet. These are all things that can combine together to make sure that you have the best skin possible. When you use products, make sure that you follow the directions exactly to maximize the effectiveness of these products. 

8 Untruths About Dermarollers

8 Untruths about Dermarollers

This Blog attempts to dispel many of the common myths or untruths that have developed or been spread about dermarollers over the years. Wherever possible we have included a reference so readers can check the information for themselves. Dermaroller Untruth 1 Home use 0.2 and 0.3mm dermarollers induct collagen. 0.2 and 0.3mm dermarollers needles not long enough to induct collagen. This has been demonstrated in a variety of papers including an interesting one called ‘The Dermaroller Series’ by Konstantinos Anastassakis in 2005. Needles this long do not penetrate the epidermis through to the dermis the deeper layers of the skin where collagen induction can take place. Many of the antiaging effects of the derma roller are attributable to their ability to induce collagen and scientific trials have demonstrated this will not happen with a roller shorter than 0.5mm and this is the usually the best needle size to be used on the face. They are often long enough to increase transdermal absorption. Unfortunately it is not always clear on some websites that these size dermarollers do not induct collagen and it is always worth checking. Dermaroller Untruth 2 You need a 1.5mm dermaroller to induct collagen on the face. A lot of the early research that showed how effective dermarollers were at inducing collagen a key anti aging effect was done on 0.5mm dermarollers. It is only a recent change that some companies are saying it only works with 1.5mm dermarollers. The 0.5mm is usually the best dermaroller for the face as it will induce collagen while causing the minimum possible damage. Particularly for people using the rollers at home it is not a good idea to use the 1.5mm dermaroller on the face for anti aging at home as it usually results in bleeding and this is not very hygienic for home use. Again we always say use the minimum technique to achieve the results you want. If there is no need to risk unnecessary trauma to achieve the results you want why do it? Dermaroller Untruth 3 Bleeding is good needling. Many people always believe more is better. Causing excessive bleeding does not increase the collagen induction results it simply increases your recovery times. Again always do the least you can to achieve the results you want. Dermaroller Untruth 4 Dermarolling has to be painful. We are constantly disproving this myth at our courses training practitioners to use the dermarollers without pain. There is no evidence that causing pain through skin needling increases results. There is scientific evidence to show that skin needling can be painless including an interesting study by Kaushik et al in 1992 which demonstrated quite clearly that skin needling can be painless. The full reference is available on our Dermaroller research page. The trick is in applying good technique and this is what we spend our time teaching during our courses. Dermaroller Untruth 5 Increasing Transdermal Absorption is always a good thing. Increased absorption of products through the skin is seen as one of the reasons for the dermarollers success. Studies suggest that skin needling can increase the absorption of some products by up to 10,000 times in a single treatment. It is time many groups started realising this has the potential to be a double edged sword. This means that good quality natural products can be absorbed and used to increase results. It also means that any products with a history of toxicity should not be used at a similar time to the dermaroller as their absorption through the skin will also be increased. This includes many cosmetic products such as shampoos and cleansers which can contain sodium laurel sulphate, parabens and other chemicals that are slowly being phased out across the world due to their high toxicity. We are also concerned about the on-going use of vitamin A with the dermarollers. There are now several studies demonstrating toxicity with the use of topical vitamin A. Any existing toxicity is likely to be dramatically increased when the absorption rate of the product is increased due to use of the dermaroller. We only recommend using the dermarollers with products which are safe for oral consumption and preferably have been used safely for hundreds if not thousands of years. All White Lotus serums and sprays meet this criteria. White Lotus has been a sole voice calling for more investigation on this issue for some time and we will continue to suggest that this issue need further investigation. Dermaroller Untruth 6 All dermarollers sold are sterile There is no proof of this at all. Cheap rollers sold on auction sites provide no evidence that they have been sterilised before sale. People seem to forget that you are dealing with a needle and you would never buy a syringe from a cheap reseller online and assume that it was sterile and yet people will with dermarollers. Please seek some form of assurance of the quality of the rollers. Please read the sections below for guidelines on how to do this. Dermaroller Untruth 7 FDA approved or registered dermarollers have been approved by the FDA. This is definitely not true. There is not currently a single dermaroller in the world that has gained FDA approval for sale. Companies are simply self-regulating their rollers as a class 1 medical device. This means they go to the FDA website and pay a small fee and self-declare themselves a medical device. We have listed the section of the FDA directive on our website under Dermaroller Facts which displays the FDA directive involved and that this does not mean the products have actually gained any form of approval. Therefore you currently have no further level of proof of the quality or sterility for a dermaroller carrying the FDA symbol than an unregistered dermaroller. Dermaroller Untruth 8 There is no way then of judging the quality and sterility of dermarollers.For more information on any issues raised on this page please feel free to contact us or view more information on our website
Anti Aging Secrets from the Far East & Derma Rollers

Anti Aging Secrets from the Far East & Derma Rollers

Many of you may be surprised to know that skin needling originates from Ancient China and is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has been remarketed and used in a very scientific and clinical way. The derma stamp originates from an acupuncture tool and skin needling is obviously a speciality of acupuncturists. Using a derma roller according to anti aging acupuncture principles means that you are not only using a method tested for thousands of years, but you can also utilise the acupuncture channels and meridians of the face for maximum anti aging purposes. The white Lotus Clinical directors are expert cosmetic acupuncturists who have run a famous Anti Aging clinic for many years. The products and techniques featured in the white lotus shop all utilise their knowledge and expertise and are firmly rooted in acupuncture theory. By combing safe gentle skin needling techniques and using topical natural Anti Aging Chinese Herbs, white lotus has created a range of authentic treatments that work and will not harm your body, with no down time. Modern derma roller techniques use invasive, techniques that take 6 weeks for the skin to recover, have many side effects and use toxic chemicals in the process. By using white Lotus products, techniques you are using them the way they were intended to use and still get fantastic results without any risks. All beauty techniques should enhance your health and beauty. Sadly most modern beauty treatments are quite the opposite. You can visit a trained White Lotus Skin specialist to see the difference!