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Article: Why Choose the White Lotus Mulberry Silk Eye mask?

white lotus mulberry silk eye mask
Anti Aging

Why Choose the White Lotus Mulberry Silk Eye mask?

Care about your world? White Lotus not only uses peace silk (ahimsa silk) so that none of the silkworms are killed in the silk production, but the silk masks are now plastic positive meaning we remove more plastic from the environment than we produce.

The masks themselves are of the highest quality and in addition to quality mulberry silk outer layers we use pure silk filler to maximise the benefits of silk close to the delicate eye area.

Still not sure? We have sold over 17,000 worldwide, won multiple awards and White Lotus has achieved over 3,500 positive verified reviews for its products.

If you need more convincing White Lotus provide a 1-year guarantee to ensure you are completely happy with our products and services

Read on to learn more about how a quality White Lotus silk eye mask can benefit you.

White Lotus Holistic Silk Eye Masks Compared to other Silk Masks

White Lotus

Other Brands

Pure mulberry silk



Durable high momme silk



Pure silk filler



Nontoxic dyes



Unique giftbox



Over 17,000 sold worldwide



Cruelty free peace silk



1 year guarantee



Plastic neutral product



Over 3,500 positive verified reviews



Celebrity endorsed



Multi award-winning product




Mulberry Silk Eye Mask Benefits and Silk Mask Uses

When it comes to self-care and achieving a good night's sleep, a holistic silk eye masks should be on everyone’s must-have list. Not only do they add a touch of luxury to your bedtime routine, but they also offer a wide range of benefits for your skin, sleep quality, and overall well-being.

Key Benefits of Silk Eye Masks

Beyond incredible night’s sleep the key benefits of sleeping with a silk eye mask are found in its ability to reduce skin moisture loss so preventing wrinkles and its anti-allergy, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effects for health.

Do Silk Eye Masks Help with Wrinkles?

Yes, silk eye masks form a moisture barrier against the skin to not only prevent moisture loss and dehydration but the proteins in silk also enhance healthy skin. This provides a stark contrast to cotton which actively dries out skin leaving it more prone to wrinkle formation and sagging.

silk mask

Can a Mulberry Silk Face mask Reduce Allergies?

Silk is hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for those with allergies, irritation prone or sensitive skin. The silk eye mask can create a barrier between your face and potential irritants, such as dust mites, pollen of animal hair, leading to a more comfortable night's sleep.

For those prone to allergies, it is worth considering a silk pillowcase and eye mask set to reduce your exposure even further to allergens.

Will a Sleep Silk Mask Improve Your Night’s Sleep?

Short answer yes it will. The White Lotus masks create a complete black out of unwanted light. Blocking out light is proven to improve sleep quality and depth. Sleep is then more restful and rejuvenating. This benefits all of us but is perfect for shift workers, travellers or anyone experiencing disrupted sleep.

Which is the Best Silk Eye Mask for Sleeping?

To ensure the perfect nights sleep you need to make sure your silk sleeping mask is wide enough to block out all light, is an adjustable silk eye mask for a close fit and not only has a smooth silk surface but uses silk filler throughout for its anti-allergy and temperature regulation effects.

Do Silk Sleep Eye Masks Assist Temperature Regulation?

Silk is known for its natural temperature-regulating properties. It not only keeps you cool when it is hot but cools you when the temperature rises. In ancient China silk bedding was used extensively to assist night sweats from multiple causes including menopause. A reduction is sweating around the eyes can naturally reduce disrupted sleep.

How can silk masks help create a calming bedtime routine?

Anyone who has trouble falling asleep will appreciate the importance of a good pre bedtime routine. Not only is it important to go to bed at a similar time but it is vital to enter bed in a calm state of mind prepared to sleep. Putting on a silk eye mask can help act a signal to your body that it is time to turn off and unwind for a peaceful night's sleep.

silk eye mask benefits

How to Wash a Silk Eye Mask?

Silk eye masks should ideally be hand washed but can also be machine washed on cold cycles with water below 30 degrees Celsius or 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Quality silk like the White Lotus mask will endure frequent washing better than thinner silk and so comes with a 1-year guarantee.

Be sure to always check the care label before washing. This should include things like the maximum temperature the silk should endure and to use a detergent that is silk friendly.

How to Wash Silk Sleep Masks Using a Washing Machine?

If using a washing machine, it is best to use a mesh laundry bag. Wash on a gentle silk specific setting with a silk friendly detergent. Only ever use a cold cycle! Once the mask is clean allow it to air dry. Never use a tumble dryer.

Can I Iron My Holistic Silk Eye Mask?

No, you should never iron a real silk eye mask. Some pages will instruct you to iron the mask on a low temperature on the non-silk side avoiding direct contact with the silk. High quality silk eye masks are silk on both sides and contain silk filler making this impossible. Beware any products suggesting their masks are safe to iron!

Are Men’s Silk Eye Masks Different to Women’s Silk Eye Masks?

No both men and women can benefit equally from silk masks. Silk eye masks can improve sleep, reduce wrinkle formation and moisture loss, and reduce vulnerability to allergic reactions. The silk does not discriminate and is just as happy to provide these benefits to either gender.

What is the Best Silk Eye Mask on the Market?

The White Lotus silk eye mask provide the benefits of pure mulberry silk with a durable 19 momme thickness and pure silk filler. Nontoxic dyes are used throughout, and they are delivered in a beautiful storage/ gift box. Peace silk is used for peace of mind and plastic usage is minimised throughout the process. 17,000 people and counting now agree so we challenge you to find a better silk mask on the market.

 Learn more about the White Lotus Silk Eye Mask

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