This is the premium derma roller for face and for the body. By the inventors of "Holistic Microneedling". It is metal free to avoid nickel allergies and great for sensitive skin. Guaranteed to Last a year of continual use.


1 product

1 product

The Lotus Roller™ Derma Roller

The Lotus roller™ is a premium quality derma roller specifically designed to assist anti aging, stretch marks, cellulite scars and hair loss. Unlike many other rollers the Lotus roller™ is-

1. Machine assembled

2. Packaged in tamper evident packaging

3. Produced to CE standards

4. Made of biopolymer metal free needles allowing them to last a year unlike many other rollers.

5. Poured in one mould so needles will never fall out

6. Metal Free to avoid nickel allergies for sensitive skin.

Derma rollers are micro needle rollers designed to increase collagen induction in the skin and increase the absorption of products through the skin. Micro needling is the technology that makes the dermaroller possible. The dermarollers create micro trauma in the skin encouraging the body to induct more of its own natural collagen creating natural younger looking skin.

Lotus Roller™

Unlike many other companies the Lotus roller is actually designed by the derma roller experts who use the products. This ensures the design is easy to use and the instructions for use are practical and easy to follow. Derma roller reviews rate the Lotus Roller very highly and it is recommended to all those who want a high quality derma roller with guaranteed sterility and safety.

Do Derma Rollers Work?

Derma rolling or skin needling has been shown to

1. Increase the production of collagen by up to 1,000% in a single treatment.

2. Increase transdermal absorption of products by up to 10,000 times in a single treatment.

The White Lotus Dermaroller packs

The White Lotus dermaroller packs are specifically designed to provide everything you need to perform a complete and highly effective dermaroller treatment to improve skin tone. The packs incorporate the unique White Lotus organic serum range, the highest quality skin needling devices and the antibacterial cleaner to make sure all bacteria is removed from the devices between treatments. In addition many packs contain accessory products such as the silk pillow cases that can assist improvement in the condition.

All products used are completely natural and usually organic. White Lotus is unique in adopting this approach to skin needling worldwide. This reflects the philosophy of achieving your anti aging and cosmetic goals without compromising your future health.

Currently there are packs available to benefit these skin condition :

• Scars including acne scarring ( not to be used on active acne).

• Beauty

• Cellulite

• Stretch Marks

• Hair Loss

The White Lotus Organic serum range

This organic serum range was originally developed in Australia in the thriving natural and organic industry. The serums are now produced in the UK and many now carry the soil association approval for organic products. This is the highest certification available in Europe and reflects the White Lotus commitment to safe natural products.

So why are safe natural products so important when applying skin needling or dermarollers? The use of the derma roller can dramatically increase the absorption of products through the skin. As noted before this increase can be up to 1,000 times. This is highly advantageous for many anti aging and cosmetic products as they can now more effectively reach the target tissues and improve results.

It is however an increased risk if the products are not natural and have not been shown to be safe for internal consumption. Many products now used with micro needling are not safe for internal consumption and the long term effects remain unknown. Some products used by some groups such as epidermal growth factors (EPG) are not approved for internal consumption at all because of their potential links with cancer and yet are openly sold as accessories to derma rollers.

This is why White Lotus has adopted the approach that all our products must be safe for internal consumption as well as scientifically effective to improve the skins appearance.

White Lotus Educational products

White Lotus is a specialist group and does not merely dabble in the field of skin needling. All techniques and products have been vigorously tested over many years to make sure their effectiveness. Many of these techniques are unique to White Lotus and are a result of combining the best of modern scientific research with the ancient oriental understanding of skin needling to achieve greater results with fewer side effects. These techniques are the best to use for derma roller face treatments as well as for the body

White Lotus provides a number of guides to help improve your experience of micro needling. These include our regular blogs, instructional videos and our feature book ‘Holistic Micro needling’ This book is designed to give everything you would ever need to know about applying a natural approach to the dermaroller to improving scars, stretch marks, cellulite, hair loss and beauty.

These tiny needles simply penetrate the skin to treat fine lines and wrinkles effortlessly boosting collagen and elastin production as a natural healing response to the microneedling treatment.

There is no need to use longer needles or hyaluronic acid to treat fine lines or penetrate deeper. Medical grade treatments are generally used for burns and severe scarring but are not necessary to treat most cosmetic issues.

The needle length that is specified and available at White Lotus is the best for treating cosmetic conditions.

White Lotus is an Australian company now based in Europe. The Lotus Roller is the result of years of direct use of the rollers in the Southern hemisphere’s first specialist skin needling clinic. Many of the skin needling techniques have been demonstrated on National television and the company has received wide-spread publicity for its holistic and less invasive approach to skin needling.

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