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Article: Gua Sha Color Chart - Learn which Crystal is right for you?

Gua Sha Color Chart

Gua Sha Color Chart - Learn which Crystal is right for you?

Gua Sha Color Chart - Crystal Selection Guide

White Lotus produces crystal rollers, Gua Shas and crystal combs from a variety of different crystals.

Each crystal type possesses unique properties which may further benefit your skin. Below we have created a chart to help you simply select the crystal that best suits your skin.

Gua Sha Quiz

For a unique experience please try our customised Crystal Facial Quiz. It will allow you to find your own bespoke crystal facial by skin type, acupuncture meridian or chakra.

Please remember the information below is only a guide. Ultimately you should choose the crystal you feel most attracted to.

White Lotus uses only A grade crystal products that are never chemically treated. White Lotus is so confident in the quality of the crystal beauty tools that we offer a lifetime guarantee on normal use of the products.

This means the products are going to be with you for a very long time. It is important to choose one which you like  and enjoy using so that you keep up the habit for a long time and get all the benefits of regular use.

Crystal Type Energy Chakra Affected Effect on the Skin Ideal skin Types

Nephrite Jade

Considered a stone of purity and longevity by the Ancient Chinese. Heart Detoxifying and Anti inflammatory to assist blemish prone skin Oily, Blemish or acne prone

Black Tourmaline

Believed to reconnect spirit and Earth and provide deep psychic protection. It is naturally magnetic. Base Increases blood circulation and transforms stagnation to reduce puffiness and sagging skin Oily, Normal, Sensitive

Clear Quartz

Considered a master healer it is believed to amplify positive energy and intentions All chakras with special focus on the crown chakra Harmonising effect on the skin so suitable for all skin types Normal, Combination, Dry, Oily, Sensitive

Rose Quartz

A stone of unconditional love it nourishes the individual and has been used as masks to reduce wrinkles and blemishes since the ancient Egyptians Heart It can both clear inflammation and nourish tired skin so it is suitable for combination skin types. Normal, Combination, Sensitive, Blemish or acne prone


Believed to increase clarity of mind and concentration it is often associated with business success and royalty in ancient times. Third Eye and Crown Tonifying and enhancing for tired dull looking skin. Ideal for elderly thinning skin. Believed by some groups to be especially good at reducing wrinkles between the eyebrows due to its connection with the third eye Normal, Dry, Sensitive


To do a quiz and determine your own unique crystal facial please follow this link

If you are not sure which Crystal Roller attracts you and would like to view a gallery of different Crystal Rollers please follow this link.

If you are not sure which Crystal Gua Sha attracts you and would like to view a gallery of different Crystal Gua Sha please follow this link.

To view a gallery of Crystal Combs please follow this link.

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