Derma Roller/Skin Needling Training

Derma Roller/Skin Needling Training

Derma Roller (Dermaroller) Training

Currently you can pay up to $800 to learn how to use the authentic derma roller either for home use or in your salon. We believe this is severely overpriced as they are relatively easy to use as well as being highly effective. In response to this we have developed the dermal roller instructional DVD at 19.95 for 30 minutes this DVD provides complete training in the use and maintenance of the trans dermal roller. Dermal rollers are currently branded as dermaroller, Dr Roller or the MIT roller amongst others. The DVD will teach you how to-
  • increase collagen production by up to 1,000% with a single treatment.
  • Increase absorption of anti-aging products by almost 10,000 times in a single treatment.This instructional DVD was developed by leading natural anti-aging specialists White Lotus Cosmetic Acupuncture. It takes you through a step by step process of how to use your jade and Dermal roller for maximum anti-aging effect.This Beauty Course DVD covers :* How to use both products in your home, clinic or salon * Cleaning and maintenance of the products * Bonus tips on how to further improve the results with the Dermal rollers for anti-aging, hair loss, cellulite and stretch marks Presented by Anthony Kingston joint founder of White Lotus Anti Aging. White Lotus has been featured widely on national television and in the international media for its innovative approach to the application of traditional beauty practices in modern society. Anthony Kingston runs a busy Cosmetic acupuncture clinic and presents international seminars training practitioners in the use of many of these natural anti-aging products. He is currently based in Brisbane Australia.
Learn more about White Lotus dermaroller training here.


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